All net4farming networks are built from our design and installation guidelines. All partners that are included in network design and installation must be informed and trained in those documents, to be allowed to use the net4farming brand and signs on their farm installations.

The concept main focus is on farms that already has a fiber broadband connection. But the system can also be used with internet access over DSL, fixed radio links and mobile networks.

The Wi-Fi access points are connected to a main router by Ethernet or wireless point to point links. The concept can be built upon an existing network (net4farming LITE) or as a completely new installation (net4farming PRO).

The concept includes a standardized and secured guest network, with the same SSID and key on every connected farm. This means that compatible devices, machines and systems can connect automatically to internet, without any need for configuration or startup fuzz!

The design and installation guidelines are only available for our partners. Please visit the partners page, and read more about how to become a partner.